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Buy a bottle of Electric Depths and get a limited-edition lambic glass for $13! One bottle + one glass for $30 (while supplies last).


Our very first fruited Méthode Traditionnelle tastes better in a traditional lambic glass! With its iconic straight wall sides and ridged base, it's the best vessel for these highly effervescent beers.


Electric Depths is a one-year-old spontaneously fermented ale, and an hommage to the krieks and the framboises (fruited lambics) traditionally made in Belgium. California-grown pilsner malt and raw, unmalted wheat create the foundation of this brew, while warm-aged hops added to the boil provide a distinct rustic funk. Inoculated solely by wild yeast and microorganisms indigenous to the Miramar area, this terroir-driven beer was conditioned on organic cherries and raspberries for several months post-barrel aging. Essences of cherry pie, raspberry tart and torched cinnamon bark emerge from an electric coral color with ruby hue. A fine balance of funk, acidity, and tannins make for a beautifully complex beer and a sensory experience like no other.

ABV:  6.9%
Format: 375ml bottle + 13.5oz glass

Sensory Notes:

Appearance: Coral Color with Ruby Hue, Light-Pink Head
Aroma: Cherry Pie Filling, Raspberry Tart, Graphite, Torched Cinnamon Bark, Funk
Flavor: Funk, Cherry, Raspberry Tart, Watermelon Candy, Pomegranate
Mouthfeel: Highly Effervescent, Dry, Medium Tannins, Clean Acidity