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Beer ships on Mondays and Thursdays of each week and will be shipped next-day freight.

Packages MUST be signed for by someone over 21 years of age.

Beer is only available for shipping within California.

Shipping & Beer FAQ


2022 membership benefits will commence on January 1st, 2022, and conclude on December 31st, 2022.

There are a limited number of memberships, so be sure to get yours while you can.

Check out all the details on the membership levels below:



14 Barrel Aged Beers Bottles including a  mixture of sour and clean beers:

  • 4 Cellar Cyndicate Exclusive Bottles - 2 500ml Bottles & 2 375ml Bottles
  • 4 500ml Bottles
  • 6 375ml Bottles


2022 Cellar Cyndicate Exclusive Merchandise Pack

  • 1 2022 Cellar Cyndicate Glass
  • Hats available for add-on 

Exclusive Bottle Club Perks

  • Includes Anniversary Party & Log Cabin Day tickets w/ plus 1
  • Presale on bottles
  • Presale on cans
  • Presale on membership
  • Presale on events in 2022
  • *10% off crowler & growler fills throughout the year
  • Bottle pickup through the year
  • Thank you party
  • Exclusive member-only rare cellar sale
  • Proxy can pickup bottles/cans
  • Presale to 2023 Cellar Cyndicate Memberships





As a Cellar Cyndicate member, you will receive bottles from our cellar over the course of the year when the beers become available. A minimum of four bottles (10 for Cellar Cyndicate Select membership. These four beers will be aged and blended specifically for you and other Cellar Cyndicate members, and not available to the public. In order to maintain quality and give the beer the time it needs, we do not have a set release schedule, and the beers will be released as they are ready. We reserve the right to cellar any excess of the small-batch Cellar Cyndicate exclusive release blends for a vintage release or a later event.




Cellar Cyndicate Online Presale-

In 2022, we plan to release bottles that are included in the Cellar Cyndicate membership and some bottles that are not included as well. As a Cellar Cyndicate member, you will have the right to conveniently purchase additional bottles presale on our website should there be availability (both the Cellar Cyndicate-included and not-included bottles). All bottles are sold on a first-come basis and may sell out. Being a member does not guarantee additional bottles beyond the included membership bottles. We may sell the draft version of a particular release before we sell the bottled version.




Bottle Pick up & Pickup Window-

All 2022 Cellar Cyndicate bottles and merchandise must be picked up at the Pure Project Tap room at 9030 Kenamar Dr. #308 San Diego, Ca 92121. We do not ship beer, for any reason.

Bottles and merchandise can be picked up by either the member or their designated proxy, no one else. Both the member or proxy will have to show a valid ID matching the exact membership name or proxy name as well as being over 21 years old.

Bottles will be held for Cellar Cyndicate members up to the full 2022 calendar year, however, we encourage you to pick them up as the bottles are released.

Our tap room gets very busy, we ask that you reach out to us via email at least 48 hours before you come to pick your bottles so we can have it all ready to go for you when you arrive. Failure to do so may result in a delay or inability to retrieve your bottles at pickup. Any bottles unclaimed by December 31st, 2022 will be forfeit back to Pure Project.



As a Cellar Cyndicate member, you are allowed to designate a proxy.

Your proxy will be able to do the following on your behalf :

-Pick up bottles & merchandise

-Attend presale can release dates


Important Note- You are only allowed to change your proxy 1 time over the course of the year, so please choose your proxy wisely. We are not responsible for you and/or your proxy being out of town during a release date. The release schedules are not set in stone and will shift based on when the beer is ready.



The Cellar Cyndicate is a bottle club, the focus is on the bottles and should be the main driver for anyone who is joining. We have chosen to also give our members presale access to our can releases as well, but remember this is only a perk. Being a member does not guarantee you cans. You or your proxy will have to be present on the presale can release days to obtain cans, there are no exceptions. We are also not guaranteeing a certain number of releases, specific dates for the presales or a specific allotment as that may all change with certain beers and as time progresses. Presale cans will be available at all 3 of our tap room locations.



2022 Cellar Cyndicate Members will have pre-public access to 2023 Cellar Cyndicate memberships. The number of 2023 memberships available is yet undetermined, but all 2022 members will have the ability to re-apply.


NOTE: 2022 Cellar Cyndicate Select Members will have first rights to memberships, followed by Cellar Cyndicate Members, and then the remaining memberships will be offered to the public.



Cellar Cyndicate included and add-on merchandise will be in early 2022 and all members will be notified when available.



2022 currently remains unclear, however, IF we have any events, Cellar Cyndicate members will have pre-sale access to purchase tickets to ticketed events.



The 2022 Cellar Cyndicate membership will run through December 31st, 2022. All bottles and merchandise purchased and included with the membership may be stored at Pure Project until December 31st, 2022. Any bottles or merchandise not picked up by that date will be considered forfeit back to Pure Project.



Pure Project has the right to terminate your membership at any time and refund the prorated amount of unclaimed bottles. Persons are allowed to have one membership. If you are found to have multiple memberships or are buying for resale, your membership will be terminated without a refund. We encourage you to drink, share with friends, and trade the beer you obtain through the membership, however reselling it is illegal and grounds for removal from the Cellar Cyndicate.


If you are a retailer, you are restricted from becoming a member.