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Berliner-Style Weisse Ale with Dragon Fruit

ABV: 5.0% 
Format: 4-pack of 16-oz cans


Meet Solar Therapy, a reimagination of Delphyne, one of our first can releases here at Pure Project. This Berliner-style weisse has a radiant pink color from the addition of 800 pounds of organic dragon fruit from Pitaya Plus. Your taste buds will go on a journey with this brew, discovering flavors of sourdough, subtle cherry, and a touch of rose over a bright tartness. And, fun fact: Solar Therapy contains probiotic live Lactobacillus, thanks to the process of co-fermenting the bacteria with brewer’s yeast. With its striking appearance and mouthwatering tartness and flavors, this one is love at first sight (and sip!).

Sensory Notes:

Appearance: Radiant Pink Color, Light Pink Head
Aroma: Tart Lemon, Pear, Cascara (Coffee Cherry), Dragon Fruit
Flavor: Bright Tartness, Sourdough-like Malt, Subtle Cherry, Touch of Rose
Mouthfeel: Tart, Light Body