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Madeline Batch 7

Barrel-Aged Mixed Fermentation Farmhouse Saison       

ABV:  5.6%
Format: 375ml bottle


We're proud to present our seventh batch of Madeline, one of the very first beers we ever brewed at Pure Project. Inspired by the rustic farmhouse saisons of Belgium, Madeline is a blend of mixed fermentation saisons aged in pinot noir French oak barrels. We started with one base beer, separated it to barrel-age with three different mixed cultures, and then blended these three beers back into the final product. One of the cultures we use is a native California wild yeast, domesticated from unpasteurized apple juice from Northern California. The cultures in Madeline have changed a bit over time, but they ultimately produce a light, effervescent brew with classic essences of farmhouse funk and tartness over a beautiful background of oak.

Sensory Notes

Appearance: Golden Straw with White Head
Aroma: Funk, Apricot, Lemon Zest, Light Lactic Acid, Straw
Flavor: Apricot, Funk, Light Lactic Acid, Straw, Oak
Mouthfeel: Light and Effervescent