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    IMPORTANT- Please read all the questions below to fully understand how shipping works for both merchandise and beer.  


    *You must be 21 to purchase and if you are shipping beer, to sign for your shipment.


    Q: Where do you ship?

    A: We only ship beer within California and to Nevada. We do NOT ship BEER outside of the state of California or Nevada. We DO ship merchandise to all states within the US.


    Q: Why can I not add merchandise to my beer order and vice versa?

    A: Our merchandise and beer ship through different carriers and process differently on our backend. Also, due to the weight of beer shipments, merchandise items could get damaged in transit, so we have chosen to keep them separate. You will need to make separate orders for these items. We do still offer Free US Shipping on merchandise orders over $50 :)


    Q: How does the shipping work?

    A: All beer shipments leave on Tuesdays. If you order beer after Tuesday of a given week, your order will leave the following Tuesday. Packages will be shipped "next day" freight and MUST be signed for by someone over 21 years of age. (you cannot leave your id with a minor).  Merchandise usually ships within (2) business days. 


    Q: How much does shipping cost?

    A:  Beer: (1) Item = (1) bottle or (1) 4-pack.   You can ship up to 6 Items for a flat rate of $20 for next day shipping (all shipment leave on Tuesdays, see above). If you ship 7-12 items, the flat rate goes to $30.

    Merchandise shipping costs use the standard USPS rate calculation.


    Q: How much beer can I purchase?

    A:  You can purchase up to 12 items per order. (1) Item = (1) bottle or (1) 4-pack.   


    Q: What beers can I buy and when?

    A: We are a small brewery, so our availability and date of CA Shipping sales will vary.  To get updates on when and what the next sale will be, please sign up for the email notification lists here:  

    California: https://www.purebrewing.org/california-shipping

    Nevada:  https://www.purebrewing.org/nevada/